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Wait for the answer…

Is it just me, or are we losing any pretext at the ability to communicate?
I ask merely for clarification…

It seems to me that we no longer know just exactly what it is we’re saying to one another.

For example…
You’re in the store, on the street, finding your seat on an airplane.
Someone comes up to you and, if you’re lucky, asks if they may get by.
They usually just muscle on by, without a single word, as if you didn’t exist.

Of course, that’s where any pretext of courtesy on my part ends…

Because if they do ask the question, they don’t, as a rule, even wait for an answer.
They just plow right ahead, usually without giving even a modicum of time for you to get out of the way.
They have asked a question, and assumed the answer to be in their favor.
You are to stop whatever it is you’re doing and get out of their way.
They are much more important than you are, so don’t even think about wasting their time.
It’s a major imposition on them that they even have to ask you to move.
You should have seen them coming…

And God forbid you tell them that the answer to their question is “no”, because now you’re being rude.

It would be so much easier to live on this planet if we all knew the rules…
But of course, that would imply that everyone else knew, and played by, the same rules.
And that’s only possible if we understand what we each mean by the words ‘play’ and ‘rules’.
To me, the words can mean the same thing, going in one direction, and most definitely mean the same thing, going in the opposite direction. It’s all a matter of outlook…

To me, the word ‘play’ implies rules.
You can’t have a game of “baseball” without the rules.
You can’t play a game of “poker” without the rules.
You can’t even play a rousing game of “Thumb Your Nose at the Nearest Tree and Then Run Around in Circles While Cleaning Each Others Bellybuttons With A Complacent Porcupine” without the rules.
How will you know who won? Why do you even want to win? What does the word ‘win’ mean? Whose turn is it to go next?
A game of poker without the rules is not poker, it’s anarchy, with paper cuts and little round pieces of hard plastic, which more likely than not are being flung at each other’s heads, because their’s no rule against it…

But it seems as if most people feel that the word ‘rules’, the singular form of which is one of those fabled four-letter words, are a subject matter that, at best, only applies to everyone else, and at worst, should be abolished all-together.
It seems as if most people feel that the only rule that exists is the one that states they may do whatever they want.
I understand that you’re God’s gift to the planet (not really, but I’m willing to concede the point, barring divine epiphanies to the contrary).
I understand that you think the universe owes you eternal happiness, and that the only definition of happiness you’ll accept is the one of your own devising…

But in your dealings with me, if you ask me a question, then you’re going to have to wait for an answer.
Seeking permission is not the same thing as receiving permission.
Asking a question as a means of bullying your way down the street of life is, more likely than not, a rather certain way to ensure that your trip is a short one.
Someone is bound to take exception with your ideal pecking order.
Someone probably already has…

If you truly feel that you’re more important than anyone else, then I’ll be more than happy to tell you where to step off, preferably from the above mentioned plane, once it’s safely reached it’s cruising altitude.

But that’s just a theory…
I could be wrong…

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