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Monday – 12/18/06

What in the world do people write about every day?
Day in and day out…
Maybe I just don’t have that much to say. Or maybe, more accurately, I don’t wish to inflict all the schtuff going through my mind on the general reading public.
Something about cruel and unusual punishment comes to mind…

And we seem to have reached the point, as a society, where we are incapable of not reading something that might be offensive to some degree.
Of turning the TV to a different channel, or, God forbid, turn it completely off…
We seem to have reached a point where it’s no longer enough merely to complain to the people responsible, but we feel we must protect the rest of the planet from being subjected to the same embarrasement as we have so bravely suffered through.
A complaint doesn’t make the people involved see things our way?
We’ll start a letter writing campaign…
That doesn’t work?
How about a sponser boycott?
By golly, by gum, that’ll hit them where it hurts, right in the ol’ pocketbook…
What, that’s not working either?
Well, we’ll sue…
That’s what we’ll do…
They have better lawyers than we do? And more of them?
Well, then we’ll just have to legislate the offensive behavior out of existence…

Leave aside the fact that these people seem to have forgotten what it was like to be a child, with the corresponding fact that whatever is taboo, that’s the thing we’re going to make a bee-line for.
Leave aside the fact that their tactics exhibit all the subtle dynamics of a nursery school playground, with the part of the playground bully being performed by your’s truely, our hero and your’s,__________________. (Insert the aggrieveds’ name here.)
Leave aside the fact that the people who are produce the material you find objectionable spend a great deal of money to be allowed by the government to do pretty much whatever they want, and that the only time they are called to task is when the politicians are pandering to a segment of the population.
Think it does any good? Compare TV or the movies from 30 years ago to today…

What the above tactics demonstrate most clearly is how terribly unhappy they are.
How incredibly selfish their view of life is.
How they will only accept that version of joy which is of their own definition.
Now I am not suggesting for one moment that the acceptence of something they find objectionable will bring them happiness.
Far from it. What I am suggesting is that if you’re going to wait until everything in life is just the way you like it, before you will deign to be happy, then you, my friend, are going to be a very cranky old person.
If you truely find something objectionable, then by all means, protest. Speak up. Write letters. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be right (write?) beside you.
But the one thing I find even more objectionable than a TV show, or an art exhibit, or some political movement, is someone trying to legislate how I’m supposed to feel, or my choices of viewing, or my tastes in art. I may have opinions about the communist sympathiser around the corner. I may find most of TV abhorant. And I do, but not for the reason’s we’re discussing. But I’m certainly not going to tell you what to watch. I may make suggestions, but it’s entirely up to you. That’s why there are so many shows on, because there are so many of us. If you don’t like what’s on, change the channel.

It’s really easy…

If you’re worried about your kids seeing some program on TV, you might be better served teaching them how to distinguish the good from the bad, rather than teaching them how to be the biggest bully on the block. They’ll be nicer people, in the long run, and we’ll be more inclined to hang around them, and (gasp) listen to what they say with respect, rather than plug our ears in annoyance…

It’s just a theory…
I could be wrong…

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