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You’re Best and Brightest at work…

I found the below bits surfing around and doing research for a piece I’m working on…

They’re from the “ACT” page at the GOP web site.

I suppose how you read them will depend entirely on what your political leanings are, but I find this at once hilarious and disturbing.

Lest anyone accuse me of favoritism, I will be doing the same for the Democrats, as well as all the other… parties…


Anyway, I’ve disabled the links, and the emphasized asides have been emphasized by me…


Ways to Act!


Want to change the world one code line at a time? (What, you mean like the hackers of Citibank? Bank of America? Sony…? The US Senate…?)

GOP.com is recruiting volunteer programmers to help bring our Party into the twenty-first century. (Wait, you’re just going to skip the 20th century entirely…?)

Find out how your coding skills can help change our country’s direction. (Let’s see; class warfare, big business at all costs, tax cuts for the rich and no spending on social programs at all, no health care for those who can’t afford it ((see the big business at all costs bit)), beggaring the Environment/Future/EverythingForAllTime at the expense of corporate profits now… Badgering and bullying your way through life ((honestly, at least Stalin and Mao had the decency to shoot the people they didn’t like)) against any and everyone who disagrees with you… Is that the direction you want to change…?)


The future of activism is online, because the web enables individuals to make their voices heard like never before. (Translation: We’re just now learning what the rest of you knew 10 years ago…)

Join the Digital Brigade, and start speaking out today. (Digital Brigade…? How excitingly militaristic… How thrillingly revolutionary… How so terribly… Ummm… No… It can’t be… Ummm… Well… Yeah, actually, it is… ((Read a book, people, by someone other than a pundit))… Communist…? Ummm… You guys may wanna re-think that one…)

Counter the Mainstream Media’s bias by writing letters to the editor, calling talk radio, and emailing your feedback on the issues that matter most to you. (So… what’re you saying…? That  the mainstream media is… what…? Refusing to accept your version of things…?)

You can make the difference locally by endorsing and defending our candidates in the news sources your neighbors and friends frequent. (What do they need defending for? They’re not even in office yet, so no one cares if they’ve tweeted their junk…)


Who vets this stuff…?

And don’t even get me started on the ‘Donate for Victory’ button…

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