… but not really feeling it.
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Once more unto the breach…


It seems I go on these extended vacations from the blog… the hiatus from hell, as it were…

Usually for several years, at least…

Is it because I just run out things to say, or perhaps have discovered a level of shyness here-to-fore unknown in the annuls of the blog-o-sphere?

You wish!

It’s not like I haven’t been writing. Ask my friend Robert about that one.

No, the problem seems to be one of compartmentalization… or the lack thereof. When I’m working to pay the rent, I can’t write. And when I’m writing fiction, I can’t seem to write the blog.

Of course, according to my many detractors, EVERYTHING I write is fiction, but I don’t want to get into that right now… What I wish to do is figure out how to allow the whole I-can-only-do-one-thing-at-a-time, um… thing, to just move along and bug someone else for a while. Surely that’s not the way other people work. Surely it’s not the way parents work, thank god. If parents were as un-distractable as I seem to be, none of us would have ever gotten raised.

But I’ve never been any good at reading more than the one book at a time. Or writing more than the one story at a time. Or being in two places at once…

Okay, so everybody had problems with that one. I think.

So, in an effort to get up off my figurative duff and do something about it all, I sat right back down again and starting a new post. Of course, the work thing is currently going well (thank YOU!), and so the regularity (HAH!) of the posts will still be rather sporadic, at best.

Then again, the readers haven’t exactly been beating the blogging barn door down, clamoring to know just where in the ding-dang, lily-livered heck I’ve been all this time.

That’s right… I’m talking to you…

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