Month: September 2014

Past few days..

Originally posted on m o m e n t u m:
Sorry need to have a pause on my last topic, since something way more important is happening right now and on, than my “little trip to Beijing” and not quite sure if we know hows it going to end up. *just wanted to make sure you understand the purpose of this post or the coming few.. and my position during this event. Although I am always physically in the protest but I really am not participating or on any sides. Or should there even be any sides. But I respect the idea of this event. I tried my best to be as most invisible as possible and take the photos that the situations allow me to. .. so this post is purely for sharing what I saw and not about having a say. to be continued.. Thanks for reading. Please share! and hope HK will be settled soon. J


I don’t much feel like making any snarky remarks, or snide asides or amusing quips. About much of anything. Not today. There doesn’t seem to be any room for humor. Not when people I know are going through hell. Not when people – actual living, breathing, hungry, sweating flesh and blood people – are being gassed and sprayed by their own fellow citizens. The people of Hong Kong are in the midst of a crisis.

Here’s one for you…

“When one begins to live by habit and by quotation, one has begun to stop living.” James Baldwin Irony abounds… my keyboard is positively dripping with it. And adding insult to injury, here’s a list of Baldwin quotes on Buzz Feed. Apparently, those fine Buzzards are (perhaps) not as up to speed on the whole 
sardonic scene as you might wish. They put the above quote quite far
down in the list – number 24 of 25, to be exact. Me? I woulda put that sucker right up at the top… Or is it the quote that’s being secretly ironic, and I’m the one who’s missed the boat? Maybe even Baldwin, himself, was pulling a fast one on us. Oh, man, now I’m all confused…

Even more cheese…

Well… I mean, what can I say? It’s been a week since my impassioned plea for a Cheese Wheelin’ Poetry Passion. For those of you who didn’t see that particular post, it’s easy enough to find. Just scroll back a bit. About a week oughta do. In that post, I put forth my own two cents, concerning cheese, in the form of two poems – one an original, and one a treatment of cheese that might have made the Bard himself proud – or nauseous. And then I asked for contributions to the vast repertory of Limburger Literature, if you will… The response has been staggering, and bewildering – and all kinds of other emotions that can only be made stronger by adding an ‘ing’ suffix. Like strongering. Or nauseousing.

Making themselves into a target…

Target Acquired… From a NY Times headline: North Korean TV Says Kim Jong-un Is ‘Not Feeling Well’ Wouldn’t that then make him Kim Jong-ill…? Oedipal conflicts aside, that’s taking the whole ‘channeling your father’s influence’ thing a little far, don’t you think? From Britain’s The Mirror comes: What happens to the dog if you get divorced? Now there’s a pre nup agreement…for pets What would that be…? A pup pre-nup? Or how about a Pup Nup?