1. Would the Bard work as hard on poem about cheese,
    If the cheese smacked of chard, and was hard, if you please…

    Hmmm… Chesterton’s right… it’s not as easy as you might think.


    • Cheese is, indeed, poetry, and music and light and sensation all rolled up into one… If I t’were to become lactose intolerant, I feel it would be time to cast off this mortal coil…


      • I’m close, myself. Lactose intolerant, that is, not dead, but what’s the difference?

        A heaping pile of nachos with no cheese oozing down the sides like delicious molten lava IS death. No guacamole would also be just cause for self-injury. Why do they sell the damned things all hard like rocks? It takes almost a week for avocados to prepare themselves for the bowl. I swear, they’re taunting us.


    • Dare not, or can not… Personally I feel the Bard could speak on any ding-dang-lily-livered thing he bloody well felt like. So why didn’t he speak of Cheese? I have a theory, but it’s rather convoluted, and requires something of a dim view of English cuisine, and so I shall keep it to myself.


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