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Please press open…


Truth is in the Music; not in the performance.
Truth resides in the thing itself, not in how well or how poorly we manage to say it.
Mere pyrotechnics or pleasing sounds will never impart to Music a Truth which cannot be found without those sounds.
You must never confuse the Truth of the message with the method of delivery.

EJ Liederstein

The picture is a sign posted inside a hotel elevator in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

1 Comment

  1. It occurs to me that the sign, while not chosen for its relevance to the quote, does have some small bit of synergy.
    Truth could be said to reside in the message; not how well they actually said it.
    And the thought of you pressing ‘open’ when you arrive in my life is somewhat appealing to me.
    Ah, if only it were that easy. The idea that you can enter my soul just by the simple extension of a digit. Either that, or more like something out of the Alien movies… it’s up to you how you’ll see it.
    Also, and if we’re honest with ourselves, all our lives are just one long construction project, which will never be completed, until the day we die.
    All the same, I wouldn’t want the DOT to get ahold of this concept.


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