Day: October 1, 2014

Be vewy, vewy quiet. We’re hunting Quayle.

For todays post, we shall go on a journey. An exploration, not so much of space, as of time. And as we prepare for our voyage, we here at IDIOT, the Institute Devoted (to the) Increase Of Twaddle (or Tommyrot, or Tomfoolery… we here at the Institute don’t mind you injecting your own favorite ‘T‘ word wherever you wish. We wouldn’t want to be thought of as Thoughtless, after all) – I say, we here at the Institute wish you to relax. Leave the twirling of the dials and the button pushing to us. We’ll fiddle with all the settings on our little time machine, as it were. You just close your eyes, and marvel at the good fortune which allows you to live in an age where, to travel back in time, you need only wish it to be so. Take a deep breath. Relax.