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Captain Habitual

Oh, man, what a week…
The days came and they went, and a full lunar blood moon eclipse type thingy came, and it went, and I kinda missed them all.

Work this week was all done at night.
It happens.
Things have to get done.
But people traipsing all over the place would be distracting and unproductive, and quite possibly a bit dangerous.
So you do it when there isn’t anyone around.
But that means that your normal functions – your ‘clock’, as it were, gets sorta messed up…

It’s dark outside.
I should be asleep.
But I’m not…
I’m working…
That’s okay.
I’m a grown-up.
I’m in control of my environment; my circumstances…
I am more than the sum of my habits.
Maybe I’ll just sit down for a minute…


I fell asleep?
Well, well…
Imagine that…

And back on my head, with the added benefit that the quick nap (not so much a ‘power nap’, per se, as it was kind of a miniscule thinning in the fog enveloping the brain, because of the fact it’s so dad-gum late at night) – I say – with the added benefit the nap gave me, of now making me cranky from lack of sleep.

I leave for work when it’s dark, thanks to the ever shortening daylight hours.
I come home in the dark, thanks to the ever increasing amount of that commodity.
I never get to see the sun.
I’m told there still is one.
I’m told the days were all quite lovely.
Filled with warm, fall sunlight – reflecting it’s luminosity off of foliage of unusual, stately hues.

I get home one morning just as the eclipse is beginning.
Already a large bite has been taken, though no color can yet be seen.
And I, who am rather severely taken with all things astronomical, cannot stay up to see more.
Because it’s day two, or three, or three-thousand, in the current work schedule.
And I have no ability to overrule what’s about to happen.

Sleep happens.
More darkness enfolds my world.
And then yesterday happens.
Where I have to turn it back around, to a normal schedule.
An early normal schedule.

The alarm?
Wait… there’s no way that was four hours…

There may have been sunshine yesterday, but I didn’t see it.
The sight was limited, to the things which needed focusing on.
The fog was omnipresent.
Almost omnipotent.
There wasn’t vision to spare, for background things.
For things which might make all the difference between just a lousy day, and an adventure filled with glorious light.
There was only enough sight for the task at hand.
But more than enough sleep deprivation, for the crankiness to have migrated into a more customary timetable.
I thank you, sleep deprivation.
And I’m sure my colleagues thank you…

The work week has ended.
Sleep has been procured, if not actually caught up on.
I am awake.
When I’m supposed to be.
And today presents a face of universal drabness, and rain.
On a day when it might be thought that I’d be in a somewhat desperate need of light, the sun has hidden his face behind an impenetrable façade of clouds.
Playing an astronomical game of hide-and-seek, with someone who was himself hidden from view all week.

Good one, life.

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