An Appreciation
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Proof positive that the sun does actually still exist around here.
Of course, today is back to overcast and damp.
But then, one really mustn’t be too demanding with Life.

Besides, Life has a way of getting even.
If you know where I’m coming from…

I mean, it’s not like we’re living with weather control, or in Camelot, or… something…

See, the way Life sees it is:

‘Complaining about the weather? Just wait. It’ll change, right when you were counting on its consistency.’
‘Kvetching about the climate? How about we just don’t have any climate? Ever again.’
Or again:
‘Moaning about the milieu? How about a whole heaping’ mess more of it…?’

And it doesn’t matter which way you try to think of it.
Life almost always has a different take on things.
That’s part of the fun of being Life.
I started out to write a post on sunshine.
Life provided me with Richard Burton singing to Julie Andrews.

That’s also part of the fun of being alive.
Veto power, on your perceptions of things.
It can either be a dreary, miserable day – or a perfect day; in which to read a book, or paint a picture.
And even this weather is perfect for taking pictures.
As long as you don’t insist upon representations of Life of your own definition.

Other than that, the choices are yours.

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