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This Is Probably Not Gonna Be A Popular Post…

Ah… now it all becomes clear…

The chief executive of Hong Kong says that it’s “unacceptable to allow his successors to be chosen in open elections, in part because doing so would risk giving poorer residents a dominant voice in politics.

What a disaster that would be – to allow the poor to gain control, simply because they happen to outnumber the rich.
Why, they might actually try to do something about poverty…

Of course, you could try to do something about their poverty yourself, Mr. Chief Executive.
I imagine, were you to be successful, you’d probably have a job for life… and a legacy to last throughout the ages…

Nah… why would you do something like that?
After all, you are the People’s Party chief executive.
The Communist Manifesto?
Redistribution of all the wealth?
Any of this sounding familiar, Mr. Chief Executive?

So… it comes down to this.
It’s not about political ideology, or the west interfering in the internal affairs of another country.
It’s not even about politics at all.
It’s the same old tired saw…
I’ve got mine, the rest of you can go to hell.

It’s just like the scenario that’s been playing out over in Thailand. The ruling party was elected by popular vote, with the rural poor far outnumbering the urban middle class and the wealthy. And so the wealthy simply hijacked the government, forcing a sitting PM out of office through an illegal judicial activism.
By the way… those judges…? wealthy…
And the wealthy wished to dissolve the government and install a ‘caretaker’ body, composed of people that they chose.
And so they poured into the streets with guns, and basically just took what they wanted.

The poor?
They can go to hell.

The Thai wealthy said, in effect: ‘We have a fairly elected, representative government, but we don’t like them. They’re not the people we voted for. So we’ll depose them and install people of our own choosing, until we can hold elections that are guaranteed to go the way we want. We cannot allow the people we hate to have any say… at all – to be able to outvote us, for so simple a reason as because they outnumber us – not in this democratically based society.’

And so the military stepped in and sided with (guess who?) the wealthy, and then declared martial law. The government was dissolved, and all dissent was quashed, and the wealthy have simply seized control. In a country supposedly ruled by ‘democracy’, the poor have been told they don’t count. They are less than nothing.

A bit simplistic?
But it’s always easy to pare the arguments down, when you don’t have a dog in the fight.

And now the people of Hong Kong are being told the same thing.

It’s the same message the poor in America have been fed for the last umpity years, or so.
Ah… there’s the home grown canine pal…
Good ol’ Rover…

The message we’ve been getting from our dog handlers goes something like this:
‘If you’re poor, you don’t matter. You’ll vote for the people we tell you to vote for, every election – IF we allow you to vote at all. But we don’t want to hear from you at any other time. Now shut up, and give us all your money – as well as your children, whom we’ll send overseas with the military, so that we may bring ‘freedom’ to the oppressed peoples of the world.’

Oh, how our captains of industry must strut with pride. See how well we’ve exported the American brand of democracy. See how rich you can become, when you force your corporate culture upon other nations. See the wealth you can amass, when you’re awarded no-bid contracts, with no penalty clauses for non-performance or cost overruns; all in the name of ‘democracy’.

Although, as you can see, it really doesn’t matter what system you happen to live under – democracy or a totalitarian one party state.
The end results all appear to be distressingly familiar.

If you’re lucky enough to be among the rich, you can work with any government they throw at you.
All you need do is to show them what a slice of your pie looks like.
And proselytize at least half of the general population towards your philosophy of greed and corruption.
All you need do is to couch the argument in terms which makes the people’s blood boil.
Half the people will be prepared to die, to enact something they interpret as ‘freedom’.
The other half will give everything they own to ensure that things stay exactly the same.
As long as you communicate it with a sufficient amount of alarm and fear, the people will do your work for you.

All you need to do is learn how to lie to your own people.
All you need do is get them to drink the Kool-Aid…

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  1. Liesl says

    It’s an interesting time – those of us who watched China “deal with” Tianamen, or rather that “June 4th Incident” and have friends that lived through it and continue to live with it, are waiting, watching to see just how those in charge will handle these “small ones” causing such a ruckus in HK. Since the “return” of one of the mother hen’s lost eggs things have not exactly gone as residents had hope, but rather more as they had feared. The days ahead are fraught with dangers.

    Liked by 1 person

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