Day: October 29, 2014


The only photograph thought to exist, of the creature formerly known as: Snoddly Thumpernickel A SYLVAN TALE OF HORROR An original fantasy in long form It occurred back in the year of eighteen-ought-three, Deep in the murk-some woods of Mashamoquet. If you’d have the tale, then pause while I sit, and Speak of the Cabbage Patch Kid, who lived in a tree. Yeah. You know, that’s not really doing it for me. I’d wanted to do a frightening kind of Halloween-type blockbuster poem. Something epic, to endear me to the hearts of those people who like to have their hearts pounding, around this time of the year. A work of monumental proportions, combining many diverse themes – themes both classic and those more obscure. Something colossal; like the following ambitious, larger-than-life and rather impressive diagram:   [You wanna talk about horror – you try spending an hour or so mocking something like this up in WordPress, and then hit ‘Save Draft’ – and see if you don’t find yourself screaming rather impressively in horror.]