Month: October 2014

Prologue to a Fairy Tale…

There’s a path, somewhere – out there – that leads away from the land we’re accustomed to. To some, it leads to a new job, or school. For others, it’s a previously unknown book by a beloved author, or perhaps discovering new music. But the way is clear. And, it appears, it’s only you who recognize it for what it is. Others may go with you, but they won’t see it. A barely discernible track in the wilderness. A footpath, leading onward, and upward… The road into the Land of Fairy.

Wedding Toast

  Ever may your cup be filled to overflowing – not with the wine which obscures the universe, but with that nectar of human intelligence and love which reveals it… EJ Liederstein (Said to be the response from the author, when asked to give a toast at some obscure friend’s granddaughters nuptials.) Picture from

Pairs of Pears

Did you ever have one of those weeks? Where ‘the week that was’ still is? Or is it the ‘week that will be’ still ain’t? How about ‘the week that was never to have gone and supposed to be even remotely like this’ has gotten all pear-shaped? And that’s the good news… Cause I don’t like pears. “Well, then…” you might type, in your very bestest, most sincerest Pee Wee Herman style of modern prestidigitation, “if you don’t like pears, how is the fact your week has gone a bit ‘pear-shaped’ to be considered good news?”

Captain Habitual

Oh, man, what a week… The days came and they went, and a full lunar blood moon eclipse type thingy came, and it went, and I kinda missed them all. Work this week was all done at night. It happens. Things have to get done. But people traipsing all over the place would be distracting and unproductive, and quite possibly a bit dangerous. So you do it when there isn’t anyone around. But that means that your normal functions – your ‘clock’, as it were, gets sorta messed up… It’s dark outside. I should be asleep. But I’m not… I’m working…