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What If…

actino3The world seems full of people who spend their entire life looking for answers to life’s questions. Some of them (though entirely too few) are quite good at finding answers.

Because to them, it’s the answer that’s important. Not who gets there first. Not which flag is flying over the ship which first sails into uncharted waters. Not which corporation funded the exploration of that far off, undiscovered country.

It’s about the solutions, to the problems which arise as a natural part of humanity’s innate curiosity.

As one rather outstanding writer once put it, there is no such thing as an uninteresting subject – there are only uninterested people.

And so questions come, as part and parcel of our human condition. Questions about why plants reach so strenuously for the heavens, yet refuse to release1324865 their grip upon the earth. Or why certain species of life accompany the seasons around our small, insignificant globe; while others are content to await the return of the warmth. Questions about the movement of the planets, and of the stars those planets dance before.

Do not dismiss these examples, as something of common knowledge. There was a time (quite recently, cosmically speaking) when these types of issues were as dark to us as that matter with which Physics would try to explain the inconsistencies in their theories today.

How far will you now go? How far will you follow the trail I lay before you?

Will you travel with me down through the microscopic? Can you wander among the amoebas and the diatoms, in your imagination, that we may begin to explore the smith21workings of some of the smaller forms of life? Can you come just a bit further? I would show you the subatomic world; a universe nonetheless, for all the lack of poetry exhibited in its naming. I would show you an atom, itself a solar system of unimaginable power, for all its apparent lack of size.

Or would you rather fly with me among the stars? Will you dance in the moonlight, because, for a moment only, you lack the capacity to dance with the galaxies? Can you glimpse the majesty of the night sky, and then be content to dance with the only partner we’ve been given? Or can you go just a bit further, and begin to encompass the entirety of creation; in the play of sunlight along a stream, or in the wind-blown leaves? Can’t you extrapolate the foundation of life from its tiniest seed? Will you not carry your universe safely in the palm of your hand? Come, love, and see my hands.

Don’t you understand, that a man can fathom the origins of all life, in the terribly important shape of a woman’s arm? Can’t you appreciate that you’ve beenFrustulia given the sun and the moon, and all the stars, besides? Don’t you know that we all have?

You wish to possess what has been freely given, and you wish it to be yours alone. You wish to be the center of all attention, and the ultimate reason for existence. And you may very well be those things, for all I know. But to go around and insist the universe acknowledge this ‘fact’ seems to me to be a bit presumptuous. Because that person, over there on your left, is also the center of a universe. And all those people to your right. And I, too, am a mystery of creation and life; though I blush to type it. It’s best if we don’t dwell on our exceptionalisms too much. There’s still so much work to be done. To spend even one moment admiring ourselves is to take away a lifetime in which to admire each other.

And now you want me to give you all the world. Yet I’ve been offered the universe. And because I’ve accepted that gift, I already own the hubble-telescope-tilt-shift-photography-fstoppers-imgur-space-universe.jpg-03-710x898world. But then, it’s been extended to you, as well. Why would you insist I give you what you already have?

Come live with me and be my love, and we will all the Heavens prove.

Fly with me among the planets, and know they’re composed of uncountable microscopic reiterations of entire solar systems. The tiniest building blocks make up all that we know. Within the largest we see the smallest. Upon what mammoth structures do these larger representations compose the smallest atoms?

What lies beyond the universe?
Come with me, and let us brave that frontier.
Let us answer that question together.

You might say that for all things, from the smallest to the largest, to exhibit the same characteristics, the same reactions to those forces that shape our universe, is only natural. You might say I’m a fool to expect anything but what we see before us – no matter the scale upon which we observe. You might say I see correlation where there’s none to be found.

So… your answer to that question… of how far you’re willing to go with me…
Your answer would be… ‘no further’…









All photos for this post were culled from the internet.


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