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Light, Part II…

It’s been said that “… to light a candle is to cast a shadow.”
Ah, but must it always be so?
What if the problem is not in the paucity of the flame, but in our very understanding of light?

What if we could create a light such that all shadows everywhere were banished?
What if, instead of a lighting a candle to drive a sliver of illumination into the darkness, we awakened a star? Which might be to say that, rather than struggling against the dark – rather than titling against windmills – what if we, ourselves, are the sun we strive to ignite?

Do you find it difficult to think of an all-consuming energy emanating from your body; like a star, like a beacon for all the world to see?
All you need do is use your imagination in ways society would perhaps frown upon.
But then, society disapproves of anything it cannot label, or monetize.

How can you monetize that which you do not understand?

For now think of light as a liquid, immersive energy – with the entire universe plunged within it – and only then might you begin to glimpse just the smallest fraction of what light does, and is.
There’s no place to hide.
There’s no privacy behind even your own eyelids – for all exists within the light.
There’s nothing outside of it. Walking in front of the source doesn’t create a shadow, for there is no front, nor behind.
There’s no underneath, no shade nor escape.
There is only light.

You cannot block the view of the universe.

Whence, then, the source of shadows?
Is it that we create them ourselves?
Are we truly incapable of living fully within the light, and must fashion deceits to escape its brightness for the pitifully short time we have in this corporeal form – only to ultimately return to that absolute illumination we so desperately fought against?
If I am a creature of light, submerged within its universal splendor, yet I create lies to shield me from it, do not these tricks and deceptions also exist within that light?

You thus begin to slowly understand that there is no darkness.
There is only your inability to experience, your refusal to perceive what is already all around you.

Open your eyes.

EJ Liederstein


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