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The Culture Wars…

There are those who would have you believe the gravest battle being fought these days is not over land or resources, but over the clash of differing belief structures within your very own country. They refer to this as the ‘culture wars’.

Culture wars? What culture wars? There’s no war on culture. There’s only the same old tired in-fighting, between your defensive insolence and someone else’s over-compensating arrogance.

When I was a lad in University, we were having these exact same discussions; with just as much at stake, and all the venom of today’s variety.

Believe me – there’s nothing new under the sun – it’s only new to those who don’t know their own history.

Were you to read the newspapers from a century ago, you’d find the exact same ‘war’ being waged all across the planet. And the century before that. It’s a campaign that’s been waged for millennia – ever since the first person had the temerity to speak up and say: ‘You’re wrong. I don’t believe that.’

It’s the same battle that’s been pursued since the dawn of humanity. Because, after all this time, we still haven’t learned to live with ourselves – much less with someone who might be different.

It’s a horrifying thing, to become aware – to know you have absolutely no control over anything at all. And so you try to exert what little control you can deceive yourself into believing you have, by demolishing anything that’s different from what you perceive yourself to be.

Tell me the moment of your death, if you can. Tell me the mechanism, if the timing is too difficult.
You cannot. It’s beyond your control, your knowledge or influence.
Thus, for most, your own extinction being too terrible to contemplate, you turn instead to the extermination of all which you label strange.

You were created with the ability to love, to nurture.
You were created with the ability to create, in turn – a never ending revelation of the imagination, paid forward to the ends of time.

Out of the exact materials used to create the universe were you made.
You are brother to the planets, and sister to the stars.
You are, literally, cut from the very same fabric as the stars themselves.
A star died, that you might live.

And how do you repay that sacrifice?
You destroy all that you touch.


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