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Rest in Peace, Eric Garner; et al – (Take 3)

I have tried to post for a while now, about how I feel about the recent string of protests around the country, concerning the lack of justice for those innocents who have been killed by the police. I’ve tried to put my feelings into words that might resonate with the population as a whole, rather than those specifically affected by the injustice; for if change is to come, it must come from those who have not been dealt with so harshly, by those charged with serving and protecting.

But I must confess that I’m having a very hard time keeping an even tone.

Because I’m outraged, at a part of society that feels that our constitutionally guaranteed rights are more like suggestions, rather than tenets set into stone – that those rights don’t apply, if it’s easier to just ignore them.

And I’m appalled at a civilian police force that does not answer to the same laws that you or I have to live by. Eric Garner’s death was ruled a homicide by the coroner; yet no charges were filed, even though we have a video tape of the incident.
And I’m disgusted at the politics being played by the various police unions, suggesting that to hold cops accountable for their actions is to dip your hands in their blood – as the head of the NYPD PBA has said of the mayor.

And I’m tired… so very tired…
I’m bone weary, of the hatred, and all the violence.
And the killing.
It seems like the only response anyone has any more, to any stimulus, is to kill someone.

School children here, killed simply for having shown up at school one day.
School children being killed in Pakistan, for simply trying to get an education.
School children here, being force-fed a politically/religiously mandated curriculum.
… and an enforced ignorance conquers yet another shore.
Do you honestly think that what happened in Pakistan can’t happen here?
Especially in those parts of our country where guns are considered a god-given right?

And the tone goes south… again…

The police will continue to kill innocent civilians, until they are forced to stop.
The police will continue to instill fear in the population, until fear is no longer enough to stop that population from acting.
The police will continue to abuse their power, until those who are responsible for giving them their power have had enough.

‘Hands up… don’t shoot’ is not the answer.
‘I can’t breathe’ is not the answer.
‘Black lives matter’ is not the answer.

The answer is that ALL lives matter.

‘No more dead cops‘ is not the slogan I want to hear from the police.
‘No more dead people‘ is the chant I will join.


  1. Hmmm………if you allow the population to arm itself, then you have to have armed police…….the rest is just collateral… follows that some parts of the populace see that collateral as acceptable.
    I guess that that same section of society consider themselves superior because they are white and haven’t yet reached a level of maturity whereby they can read that all men are equal and understand fully the implications of that.


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