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I wonder…
I wonder at the collective madness we’ve just come through.
The same disturbance we subject ourselves to every year at this time.
I wonder at that almost manic froth the country seems to work itself into.
I wonder if the fact we never seem to learn anything from what’s come before, stems from the almost rabid insistence we have of labeling an arbitrary point on the calendar as a ‘new start’.
A ‘clean slate’.

A much more astronomical “new year” would start the day after Solstice.
But I don’t argue for a revision of the holidays, as much as I wonder what all the forced celebration is doing to our collective psyche.
I wonder why we’re so fixated on looking back, or looking forward; but hardly ever take the time to look inward, where we are… right now.

How can we resolve (another rather puzzling little tradition, given that it’s only ever talked about at the end of the holidays) – I say, how can we resolve to not repeat our many mistakes throughout the year just past, when we’re too:
– hung over
– bloated from over-consumption for the past six weeks
– stressed from all the over-consumption of the last six weeks
– exhausted from all the over-consumption of the last six weeks
– have I mentioned before that I heard my first ‘christmas’ music, in a public space, in the second week of August this year?
– disgusted from all the over-consumption of the last five months
– blasted at every turn to let the past go, and ring in the new year

Looking back at the year gone by almost guarantees that we’ll forget what has happened with any clarity.
Especially if it’s the media doing the looking; because what they think important depends upon the author/reporter/what’s trendy/network bias of the one’s doing the review.

“Let’s take a look back at the year’s top stories…”
“Coming up next – the year in review…”
“In our next half-hour/issue/session/smack upside the head with a baseball bat (aluminum, of course)… we’ll be looking ahead, to what you can expect in the coming year…”

Let’s look back at the year.

Campaigns bought and sold with an ever increasing influx of money from vested interests.
An ever widening income gap – so much so that even the media has taken notice. In spite of all the money being spent trying to deny that knowledge.
Ever increasing reports of human rights abuses.
Ever increasing instances of national aggressions around the world.
An ebola outbreak, that we learn could have been stopped early on. But the people who could have helped didn’t care enough to stop it. Only enough to make you afraid of it. Until the election was over. And then – hocus pocus, ala kazam; voila, zee trick she is done – it was no longer deemed to be newsworthy.

Demonstrations, concerning perceived unfairness at the way the police enforce the laws.
Police union officials using those demonstrations to sow unrest within the rank and file, and to lay the blame for the senseless killing of two cops in NYC at the feet of the mayor.
Those same union officials who remain chillingly silent when the police senselessly kill innocent, unarmed black men.
Union officials using death to further their own, selfish agenda.

I consider these to be very important stories.
Not ‘top’ stories.
Not stories that are ‘trending’.

Something we should never forget.
Because to forget means to repeat the same mistakes; over and over.

Mistakes we’ve been making for far too long now.
In spite of all the ‘Year in Reviews’.

And I wonder why it is I seem to be the only one who remembers…

And I wonder why it is I keep on making the same mistakes…
Year after year…

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