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HAPPY FRIDAY, the 13th


I know it’s Tuesday.
So what?
Don’t be such a stickler for the details…
Learn to let go of the minutiae.

Live a little, will ya?

You know, you really ought to look into the surrealists, as far as humor goes.
There’s some pretty funny stuff going on over there.
The greatest of the surrealist humorists?
For my money?
Bugs Bunny.
Of course…



It’s tough to find a cartoon on youtube that hasn’t been cut, sped up (in order to get more commercials in in any given half-hour, I assume), or thrown together with dozens of others, with no regard to chronological order, thematic development or sheer lunacy. But you can get collections of them from iTunes, or from other outlets.

For those of you unaware of the glories available to you from the early masters…
Get going.
Move it.
There’s certainly nothing to see here, that rivals what awaits you there…
I wish you many, many happy hours wandering through the classics.
I almost wish I’d never heard of them, myself.
So that I could rediscover them all over again.
They’re that good…

Maybe one day soon, you’ll be ready for Walt Kelly.
From whom I get my near mystical devotion towards celebrating Friday the 13th.
On whatever day it comes…

Laugh long, and hard.
Happy 13th!



‘I Go Pogo’ Image found here:

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