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Enough, already

Life is about choices, about options; about what you will and will not allow into your life.
Some of this, and a little of that… but never, EVER any of that.

And the process of becoming a human is discovering where the lines are drawn for you.
The more you can accept that others have their own lines – the more you allow them
their own definitions and boundaries, while remaining firm behind your own demarcations –
the more human you become.

It’s those who would deny you your own ideas, your own options, that no longer deserve to be called human.
They’ve abandoned their right to a seat at the table of fellowship. They’ve de-evolved, back into a base animalism, from which so many of us have struggled for so long to escape.

It’s a predator mentality.
They’re intent upon running down and killing anyone not of their herd.
And as long as they’re the one’s controlling the pack, all is well.

They truly are like a pack of wild dogs, forever fighting over a bone – from a carcass that, quite possibly, has had just about enough of this nonsense.

EJ Liederstein


  1. Oh if you knew my family … These words are SO true. I have begun tearing down the walls of ego, telling family time, more then time, to BE FAMILY and for ALL to accept each other for who the other is. Great post and I thank you. Love, Amy

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