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Just One Thing, or Two…

They were a family act…
There wath the Thing and the Thong, as well as their lether known
thiblings, Thung and Thang, who were known to lay down a wickedly
funky back-beat, at the drop of a hat.

“Thing that funky thing, Thang…” Thung would thay.
And tho Thang would thing, and be all like:

♫”Play that funky muthic, orange boy…
“Play that funky muthic right…”♫

And then Thang would be all, like:
“Ain’t no body ever thing that thong the way you thang that thong, Thung.”

And tho Thung would get all up in that grill, thinging:

♫”Play that funky muthic, orange boy…
“Lay down that boogie, and play that funky muthic till you die…”♫

And then they’d cue the back-up thingerth, who’d be all, like:

♫”Till you die…
“Whoa… till you die…”♫

Meanwhile, at the Backther Building, Mithter Fantathtic wath thtretching
himthelf thin… and the Invithible Girl was nowhere to be theen.

While back at that thwingin’ muthical bathelor pad, the boyth were
thtartin’ to really get down with that dithco funk.

♫”Yeah, they were danthin’, and thingin’, and movin’ to the groovin’,
“And juth when it hit me, thomebody turned around and thouted…”♫

“THTOP,” a menathing voith thouted from thomewhere behind them.

It was General Tho, a gangthter from the Bronkth with a tathte for
Chinethe take-out chicken, and who took hith thuper villain name after
theeing the four brotherth thinging together.

“Thing, Thang, Thong, Thung… General Tho…”

He thought it’d be kinda funny.

Ath it turnth out… yeah… not tho much…

But now it wath time to get down to buithneth.

“I’m gonna flood the thtreetth of thith thity with Chinethe take-out.
“And no one can defeat me…”

Cue the maniacal laughter.

Tho our heroeth got together and dethided they were gonna thtop him, any way they could.
Becauth thatth what heroeth do.

Tho they thtarted eating all the Chinethe take-out.
Oh, what a mighty thtruggle it wath.
Thweet and Thour Pork here…
Dumplinth and Thpring Rollth there…
There wath Wontonth in the Tofu, and Thoy Thauthe juth everywhere.

With all the food being thrown at them, there wathn’t any time for the nithitieth of table mannerth.
No time to wipe your handth, or your mouth.
And that wath when Ben came up with hith famouth catch-phrathe…

“Ith thlobberin’ time…”

In next month’th ithue… Thing meeths Thor!
Thrillth galore!!!

Image found here.
[Cartoon is from January 20, 2015]


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