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New Look, Take 1

So I’ve done some tinkering with the different theme, and I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts about it?
It allows me to wrap text around a photo.

It also has some maddening quirks within the dashboard, but I’m willing to live with those, as long as the live page is consistent.

I also think that one of these days I’m gonna have to learn css and code, if I’m ever gonna
be truly happy with the finished product.

Look what I can do now, with a minuscule fraction of the effort it took on an earlier post.

Okay… so getting some of the kinks out will take a bit.
If anyone has any feedback they can find the time to give, it would be greatly appreciated.
But I shan’t wait up, watching the notifications feed…
Ultimately, I’m the one who’s gonna have to live with it…

I shall continue to tinker, until someone comes along and says that – really – the new theme reeks, its ugly, and it’s momma dresses it funny… oh, and it’s responsible for the mass extinction of the dodo bird…
Well… I just want all of you to know that those are the kind of remarks that really hurt…

All of the stuff that used to be to the right of the text – i.e. the sidebar – is now down at the bottom, where it feels a bit like that drawer that everyone has in their kitchen: full of string and buttons and screws to you know not what… and approximately 1,000,006 twisty ties…

It also feels, surprisingly enough, a little closer to a truer representation of my life.
I guess that’s okay…
I was kinda fond of glancing to the right and seeing all of your smiling… um, gravatars…


In the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear…
“… to infinity… and beyond…”
Which is patently ridiculous, because infinity is beyond.
There’s nothing past infinity.
But it’s much too late.
I don’t wish to get into a debate on the metaphysics of physics, at this time of the night.

That’s more of an early evening, Tuesday-ish kinda of discussion.
You know… kind of a ‘let’s ruin Happy Hour by arguing philosophy’ kind of Tuesday…
I could go for a Wednesday, also, if that’s better for you.
But just not too late…


According to reliable sources on capitol hill, the look has changed once more…
After spending the better part of a full day choosing a theme, updating the look and feel, and basically getting it to where I thought I could live with it – I discovered that I was wrong.

I couldn’t live with it.
Two whole days with a different look.
I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did…

So we went back to the drawing board.
And by ‘we’, I mean ‘we’… sometimes referred to as ‘I’, for short…
I went back to the drawing board.

I briefly toyed with he idea of combining three blogs into one… because, you know, it takes so very much longer to click on three links, as opposed to just the one. I did a bunch of research, found out I could pretty much port everything, including the separate followers, into one site, and seriously considered doing it.
But in the end, there were several factors which decided me against it.
One was that the other two blogs are photo blogs, which would have more than tripled my data storage, resulting in a paid upgrade a lot sooner than I had originally thought.
Two was finding a theme that would fit both the writing and photography. Photos look GREAT on a dark background – writing… not so much…
Three was subjecting those who merely like the ‘purty pictures’ to the inanities of my ‘writing’. That seemed grossly unfair, to me, and so I ultimately said no.

Back to square one.
A new look, if not a rather cluttered look, has been achieved, after a not too steep learning curve – more of an incline, really, than a hill – and after having to touch each and every post and picture.

Some of that stuff in the bottom of the junk drawer is kinda embarrassing.
I may have to try and clean it out a bit…

That is all!


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