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NEW New Look

Having spent the better part of the entire week obsessing about this stupid little piece of world wide turf, I’m happy to report that I’m just about over it…

I spent a bit of money and got myself a brand-spankin’-new-never-before-seen-fresh-out-o’-the-box premium theme. I already had the CSS upgrade, so I figured… hey! why not…?
And the theme was this colossal, stupendous, holy-moly-look-what-I-can-do-kinda-theme…

And so I did…

Everything that theme can do, I wanted on my page.
So I put it there.
And then some.

Holy moly…
It looked liked the underside of the bench seat on a ’63 GMC pickup, with three-on-the-tree, if you know what I mean by that.
You ain’t lived if you didn’t learn how to drive on a ’63 GMC, with three-on-the-tree… especially if it didn’t want to go into first. And with a clutch exhibiting all the subtlety of small yappy dog with too-long toenails on a freshly waxed linoleum kitchen floor.
I don’t mean it was fast and agile.
I mean it had the turning radius of a garbage scow.

Did I mention it was painted Sears and Roebuck teal…?
Almost just like this one:

1963 GMC Pick-up

… but without the camper cab on the back…
I found this picture HERE.

Anyway, when you and your older brother are driving such a fine, lean, mean machine to school every day… the area beneath the bench seat…

“HEY! Is that an SOB curve coming up ahead…? Well, slide over, baby…
“Look out, now. I see a COD curve up ahead. Well, come over, darlin'”

I say – the area beneath the bench seat tended to fill up with candy bar wrappers and fast food sacks, and all other manner of useless trash – such as school books, stocking caps and track-and-field uniforms.
Not to mention the half-dozen or so 8-track tapes, for our state-of-the-art, installed-that-sucker-ourselves-we-did custom sound system. Which consisted of the standard car audio set-up, available just about everywhere (even Sears), but because we’d done the work ourselves, it was by-god custom…

Where was I?

Oh yeah… the new look…
Anyway, I’ve dialed it back a bit, from the way it looked last night…
Because… damn!
Even my eyes were crossing – and I knew where everything was.

Hopefully there will be no more fooling around, and only the actual posts will be changed, to protect the innocent.

That is all.


    • Yep… learned how to drive on the cranky clutches… and how to double clutch… and how to grind gears… and how to peel-out a manual transmission… good times… good times…


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