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“Fellowship” is not just a religious concept, nor is it necessary for the irreligious to bristle at the term. Fellowship is visible everywhere. It’s all around you – you need only look. It’s in those instances of loyalty to a sports franchise, amongst people who have no other reason to speak – a unique fellowship, often one of both pain and joy. It can also be found in the desire to work side by side with complete strangers for the good of all, after some great disaster. And it’s abundantly present in the shared smile of two people who cannot otherwise communicate; as well as in the wish we all have to comfort a crying child.

It’s the ability to put yourself aside, for the benefit of another – whether that other be a person, a state or an idea. It is, above all things, a shared feeling.

A fellowship of humanity is the birthright of all of us.
We are all of us family; of one species, from just the one planet.
That you would discard such a gift because of the positioning of a line on a map, or the color of someone’s skin, or because they don’t believe the same things you believe with the fervor you would require, is the surest sign yet we are all of us also the instruments of our own doom, as a civilization.

In a world which is trying to tear us apart at every turn, there are few enough things that unite us, as it is. We can ill afford to throw away even one of them.

EJ Liederstein



  1. Ridi Pagliacci🎵!!…or…you could go to you tube and see the video “Tears of A Clown” sung. by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles……for some fellowship feeling.


  2. That wish to comfort the crying child does seem a perfect way of describing fellowship, because it is rooted in compassion (Latin com passio–suffering together) for we are all children at heart, and know what it is to cry….

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