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Stories you might have missed…


According to this article in the NY Times, baby chickens place numbers on an mental number line. Just like humans do. And according to this article, that line may be hardwired in, and runs from left to right. Just like in us humans. Except for those humans in those parts of the world that read right to left. Although they leave it somewhat unclear as to whether chicks in those parts of the world are wired like their western cousins, or follow the lead of the more local daily papers.

The report goes on to state that the scientists trained 64 chicks. Sixteen were disqualified after showing “poor mealworm-following behavior…”
Well… maybe they just didn’t appreciate working for chicken feed.
“Hey, let’s see some porterhouse up in this joint, and then we’ll talk…”

Your tax dollars at work!

Then there’s this one:

Bats Cause Mayhem, Send People Screaming From Arkansas Court

Seems like every time I do one of these kinds of posts – bats are involved.
The judge claims hundreds of bats live in the courthouse, and that bat “excrement is everywhere”.
Even the bailiff’s room?
What does the cleaning staff do, when they’re there all alone at night?

Your tax dollars not at work…

Or how about this one?

10,000 birds checked for ‘bum bombs’

I’ll let you go to the article itself, for the straight poop.
Talk about being… well, um… you know… um, thorough…

And finally, there’s this page, which has a large number of actual headlines from actual papers. There are far too many to recount here, but some of the better one’s include:

  • Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25. (… but only amongst high school graduates…)
  • 17 remain dead in morgue shooting spree. (I would certainly hope so…)
  • Missippi’s literacy program show’s improvement. (Yeah… not so much…)
  • The bra celebrates a pair of historic milestones this year. (Insert punch line here:________________)

It’s been a slow day around here, too.

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