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Do not be deceived…
Don’t let the powerful, the greedy or the insecure fool you into their way of thinking.
To argue and lobby against you, and to use the media to bend you to their version of events, is the same thing as to chase after you with pitchforks and firebrands.
That you do not see it as such only speaks to the completeness of their victory.

You’ve become all too comfortable with letting others define the terms of the debate – those who might have very good reasons for wanting you to remember certain interpretations, while denying any other viewpoints even exist.

So allow me here, today, to add my voice to that overarching crescendo of human caterwauling we seem to live under. Allow me to offer you one more option, in that never-ending orgy of choice – which begins to feel more and more, as events pan out, like no choice at all.

I propose to you a different hierarchy; an alternative ordering, to the visceral reactions that might normally arise when you think of the word ‘violence’.

Violence: n, v, action verb, pronoun, adverb… pick one…

  1. Taking joy in the discomfort of those you disagree with.
  2. The spinning of events for political, social or religious advantage.
  3. The spinning of dogma and/or history for political, social or religious advantage.
  4. The labeling of people or events, in such a way as to invite condemnation, or hatred.
  5. The lobbying of special interests, to the detriment of the wishes of those being ‘governed’.
  6. The appropriation of the people’s resources/money/good will for the benefit of those special interests.
  7. Anything you do, in order to force your opinion on someone who doesn’t agree with you.
  8. Anything which is done to you which makes your blood boil; which causes you to revert towards a more animalistic state.
  9. Anything you do whereby you work yourself into that animalistic state; rather than elevating the conversation.
  10. The taking of what is yours from you.
  11. The laying on of hands, for the purpose of injury or murder.

Violence is holding those who disagree with you hostage – you’ll vote the way we want, or we’ll shut this government down – before they’ll perform the most basic functions of their job. Functions outlined in a Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold, as a condition of their taxpayer-funded job. Violence is proposing recipients of federal aid pass a drug test as a condition of that aid, while simultaneously being arrested for illegal drug use while on a federal payroll of your own.

Violence is the denying to you of your equal rights/opportunities/protections, simply because you look different, or think differently. Violence is arresting hundreds and hundreds of people during a political convention, for the heinous crime of walking down a street in the city where the convention is being held.

Violence is the denying to you of your basic rights simply because your only crime is being poor. Or black. Or female. Or born in another country, or…

Violence is the disenfranchising of entire populations: by the imposition of onerous voting registration requirements, by the refusal to extend even the most basic of human dignities to those you despise, and by the blatant misrepresentation of circumstances in order to drum up hatred amongst your ‘core’.

Violence is saying to a person, a religion or a race that they’re sub-human – that they ‘don’t count’…
Violence is an abomination.

EJ Liederstein

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  1. I guess you know I stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this one…

    Am always amused (not quite the right word) for example, by those who voice nasty epithets against law-abiding gun owners in the name of anti-violence, as well as those good Christian folks who tell me I deserve to go straight to hell for not taking Jesus as my saviour. Violence comes in many guises as you so cogently point out.

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    • How terribly gauche of me to not reply to this before now. I don’t know how it slipped through the cracks.
      My ‘favorite’ form of violence (which is SO not the right way to say it), is all the pro-lifers willing to kill someone over the right of someone else to live.
      Irony doesn’t even begin to cover it…

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  2. Just some guy, with a display of the obvious! —Nothing to see for those who chose not to open their eyes! However disconcerting the information may be, does not negate the validity of the information.
    Anyway, I’m new to your blog, but am interested in reading more


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