Month: February 2015

Yan grid

Using just available light… *

When one side in the political debate begins with the premise that a given problem is the direct result of the other side’s insistence upon an outdated and self-serving reliance on complete corporate freedom from oversight and regulation, one is tempted to look for deeper motives; such as envy, or a fundamental mis-understanding of the free market system – or maybe even a political philosophy of redistribution that might, in itself, be obsolete and worn. But when the other side doesn’t even address these issues, but instead resorts to fear-mongering amongst it constituency, and creating hatred concerning a host of issues the majority of the country is already far ahead on, then one has to wonder where the disconnect lies.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Sing it with me now… No, not the Christmas song. Although I don’t doubt that somewhere – somehow – someone is already putting up their Christmas decorations for the coming holiday season – as well as dusting off all those seasonal CD’s that haven’t even had time to get dusty in the first place. I SWEAR, if I hear the first carol anytime before the end of Thanksgiving, I’m gonna go just all kinds of medieval on somebody… *Ahem* What I meant to say is… Why, no, I don’t happen to be referring to that particular Christmas song… I’m talking about a different grand old favorite – that blessed bit of seventh inning stretcherissimo teeterus maximus, and only slightly intoxicated, off-key and rhythmically challenged bellowing of:


Happy (belated) Birthday, Ansel…

“It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.”   Yesterday was the 113th birthday of Ansel Adams, perhaps the greatest American photographer this country has yet seen; and certainly one of the greatest of any country. For me, his photographs have that rare quality of making me want to emulate him; both in subject matter, and in execution. I could do worse…