An Appreciation
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Sing it with me now…
No, not the Christmas song.
Although I don’t doubt that somewhere – somehow – someone is already putting up their Christmas decorations for the coming holiday season – as well as dusting off all those seasonal CD’s that haven’t even had time to get dusty in the first place.
I SWEAR, if I hear the first carol anytime before the end of Thanksgiving, I’m gonna go just all kinds of medieval on somebody…

What I meant to say is…
Why, no, I don’t happen to be referring to that particular Christmas song…
I’m talking about a different grand old favorite – that blessed bit of seventh inning stretcherissimo teeterus maximus, and only slightly intoxicated, off-key and rhythmically challenged bellowing of:

Okay, so it’s not the most ‘singable’ version you’ve ever heard. But it’s the version I could find that didn’t reference a specific team, or sound like a bunch of chipmunks hopped up on goofballs and helium. And then half-way through I realized this must have been recorded in a club in NYC, cause someone starts singing ‘Start Spreading the News’ (alas, badly), which is what they play at the end of every Yankee game. And while I do, indeed, root for the Yankees, I realize that many of you may not. So this particular example just will not do, for the majority of the MLB fan base.
I wouldn’t want to offend anyone at this propitious moment in the calendar year.

There’s plenty of time for that as the season progresses.

And then I came across this quite historical version:

Or there’s this one, which sounds like it might have come straight from a park that Bull Durham might have played in:

Honest and for true, as Abner Doubleday is my witness, the sun is actually shining outside, right at this very moment – even though it’s still rather cold.
And we’re a mere week from the start of spring training games.

Holy Moly…
Can Spring itself be far behind?

Go Cubbies…
Go Oakland…
Go Dodgers…
Go Yankees…
Go Braves…

Go baseball!!!
Take ME out to the ballpark!

Image found here.



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