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Using just available light… *

When one side in the political debate begins with the premise that a given problem is the direct result of the other side’s insistence upon an outdated and self-serving reliance on complete corporate freedom from oversight and regulation, one is tempted to look for deeper motives; such as envy, or a fundamental mis-understanding of the free market system – or maybe even a political philosophy of redistribution that might, in itself, be obsolete and worn.

But when the other side doesn’t even address these issues, but instead resorts to fear-mongering amongst it constituency, and creating hatred concerning a host of issues the majority of the country is already far ahead on, then one has to wonder where the disconnect lies.
When we’re brought to a state of hysteria over a disease far, far away, only to have coverage of that disease inexplicably vanish upon the completion of the mid-term elections, one has to marvel at the lack of even a modicum of shame about what they’re doing, and of the ‘how’ of it’s implementation.

One begins to think that neither side in the political debate is being entirely honest with those being ostensibly governed.
One begins to wonder where the true issues of the day might actually lie – and just how big a disaster they represent – if neither party is willing to discuss them.
One begins to wonder if Douglas Adams wasn’t right, after all – that the only function of elected officials is simply to distract our attention away from the real sources of power.
One begins to wonder what is it they don’t want us to see… 

EJ Liederstein

* From a song entitled The Underfall Yard, by the English band Big Big Train
“Using just available light, he could still see far…”


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