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New Brrrrrr-england, it is…

It has, apparently, been something of a slow news week, here in that part of the country known as New Brrrrrr-england. The radio and television, and even the print media (what little of it I ever pay attention to) has been positively abuzz with stories of how cold this winter has been, and of how there’s no end in sight.

Well… I mean…
Where the heck have they been all this time?
The Bahamas?
Don’t the intrepid reporters for the media ever even step foot outside? Or are they whisked from newsroom to assignment to home to the newsroom once more, by some sort of vacuum-sealed transportation device invented by Rupert Murdock, on his breaks from corrupting the journalism industry and hacking into the private phone lines of just about everyone everywhere…?
Kinda like a giant climate-controlled zip-lock baggie from the nether-regions…

Don’t they read this blog, by golly by gum…?

I could’ve told them (and I did) that this was going to be the end of humanity, as we know it.
Mainly because that’s what they’ve been telling us for the last two to four months, or so.
And just like good little lemmings everywhere, I repeated the party line, just as it was fed to me – though perhaps not with the degree (HAH! Get it? Degree?) of seriousness with which it was delivered to us in the first place. In fact, if I remember correctly, I kinda sorta went a bit out of my way to pooh-pooh the whole “We’re DOOMED. We’re all gonna die” message.

Remember the ‘Turkey-ggedon’ snowstorm, from just before Thanksgiving?
Or how about the one that was gonna wipe NYC off the face of the earth?
Or the one after that?
Or the next one?

Hudson BikerThis is a picture of the Hudson River, in NYC. Ice on the river isn’t unheard of, but it’s been a lot more frequent in these past 2-3 years, than almost any time since I moved to the region.

Of course it’s cold, you idiots…
Look it up.
Happens every year, right about this time.
More or less.
It’s just that the people in New Brrrrrr-england have been subjected to a harsher level of it than they’re used to… to a harsher level than elsewhere. I guarantee that the people of, say, Georgia, are belly-aching something fierce, about how it’s going to get below freezing on any given night. And I also guarantee that those of us around here would be crying some serious ice cubes, if we were to be subjected to the kind of winter weather that Minnesotans shrug off with nary a whimper.

NH BeachThis picture is of New Haven Harbor, about  80 miles ENE from the last picture. According to Google maps, it’s about 2.5 hours of travel time, which has nothing to do with the fact that it’s winter outside. And that’s not sand you’re looking at. That’s snow, which changes to ice, from the shore line to well beyond the half-way point of the bay, before finally turning into clear water. Anyone for a dip?

Now, we’re supposed to get all freaked-out about our cold weather, I guess.
Just like we were supposed to get all freaked-out about the killer-monster-death-murder-snow-freeze-’em-all-and-let-God-sort-it-out-Nature-Gone-Wild… storm thingies…
I’ll bite.
What is it I’m supposed to do about all of this?
Buy the products being advertised by Big Pharma on all your broadcasts?
How is an cholesterol drug of dubious efficacy (and with a host of side effects so completely heinous, you couldn’t pay me to take it) gonna make any difference to the weather outside?

Lighthouse II
I had to shoot over some piled-up snow, in order to see the ice in the harbor, and the jetty where this lighthouse stands.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to work myself into such a panic that I might actually need to talk to my doctor about one of those supposed ‘cures for what ails me’, unless you’re going to tell me what can be done about it all. 

But you can’t…
All you can do is present it in such terms that I’m supposed to become afraid, of what’s been going on around here since long before they started keeping records, or even noticing the weather to begin with. That way, I’ll ‘stay tuned’, and end up becoming just one more bleating sheep in that great big ol’ lamb roast in the sky.
A lemming’s no good, unless you can make him follow the crowd off the cliff.
A sheep’s no good, unless you can make him buy whatever it is your sponsors are selling.


I guess I’m supposed to be afraid: of the snow, and the cold, and the ‘conditions’.
But I’m also supposed to be afraid of global warming.
So, basically, what you’re saying is… be afraid… be very afraid… all the time…
Forever more…

And you wonder why no one will get behind your initiatives to curb greenhouse gases…
If we could take this whole debacle to a school yard somewhere, I swear to you, as pacifist as I am, I would punch each and every one of them in the nose.
No one likes a bully.
And that’s all they’re doing.
Trying to bully us into submission; into believing whatever it is they’re trying to tell us… into buying whatever it is they’re trying to sell us.
Figure out another way to deliver your message, people, or shut the hell up.
All you’re doing is just pissing me off.


That went south rather quickly…
Sorry about that…
It’s just that someone from overseas asked how I was spending the first day of Spring…
Which it isn’t, but that’s because they use the metric system, which means I can’t fly in any of their airplanes, ’cause it’ll crash… because of the metric system.
I learned to be afraid of that from FOX news!

Any way…
I spent the first day of ‘Spring’ indoors.
‘Cause it’s snowing again…
Because it’s still winter.


That there sunlight ain’t reflecting off of water, people.
It’s ice…
And that first picture at the top of the post.
That’s not a tidal pool, or a mud flat.
It’s ice…

‘Cause it’s winter out there…


This picture is from the NY Times, and shows the water of Nantucket about a week or so ago.
They said it had the consistency of a slurpee; and that the waves rolling into shore made no sound.

How cool is that?

Unfortunately, when they went back, the water had frozen over completely.

Because it’s winter outside.



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