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The Dress…

You’re all insane, you know…

You do know the world’s falling apart, don’t you, with partisan and religious hatreds, random killings, and a planet that’s either freezing to death or burning it’s own life away, depending upon which side to the fence you sit on in that debate… you know?

Governments hold their own people hostage, intolerance seems like it’s at an all time high, and you people seem only able to muster the social consciousness to call someone else a purblind, ignorant, thirteen-toed tree sloth Helen Keller wannabe…

All because of some stupid dress…
And you wonder why the rest of the world hates us.

Besides… it’s obviously chartreuse and bisque…
Also known in the trades as…
Succotash… or Whamdoodlebong…

Oooooh, I’m sorry, but you didn’t phrase that in the form of a question.
The correct response was: “What is succotash…? or Whamdoodlebong…?”
We would also have accepted Kuala Lumpur!


[Image found here, on the BBC’s web site; where they seem to have weighed in on the side of truth, justice, and ‘the dress is black and blue’. That’s okay, though. They’re English, which means the surf the internet on the other side of the web…]



  1. Chartreuse and puce, maybe…
    What about the very top part of the blue/black version, where her skin shows through…does that look like boysenberry, or would you say mauve foncé?
    Okay, I’m dun.

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