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Revenge is a dish best not served at all…

Of course I’m speaking in generalizations.
Almost everything anyone ever says is.
You, of all people, should recognize that.
All I’m asking you to understand – or not even to understand, but merely to acknowledge as the current state of cultural debate in this country – is the fact that in the past, religion actively persecuted scientists. And that now we have scientists actively persecuting religion.

I don’t care what you personally believe.
I have no dog in that hunt.

What I want you to remember is the historical context.
And to remember those abuses practiced by the one side against the other.
And I want to remind you of the swing of a pendulum.
And to assure you that to pay back atrocities committed in an age long gone only guarantees that they’ll be returned upon you seven fold, when next the pendulum swings.

No matter what you believe, your ancestors can no longer help you.
No matter what you believe, your descendants are yet to be born.
If the cycle of retribution is to be broken… you, each and every one of you, must be the ones to do it…

EJ Liederstein

[From an impromptu debate at a political think tank.]


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