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Zen and the art of Photography…

I’m a hunter…
Not of animals.
Nor of people.


I hunt photos.
I venture into the wild: whether that wild be Mother Nature, the streets of Beijing or the confines of a live event somewhere, and stalk my photo. But unlike the regular hunter, I’m not concerned with camouflage, or the latest in ‘scent technology’.
My ‘stealth’ is concerned with background, and focus. With composition and exposure, and the ability to ‘see’ what my choice of settings will mean to the finished product. And above all, my stealth is ultimately concerned with trying to have no preconceived notions about what it is I’m going to shoot.


And so, most times, I venture forth with no set target.
I go, open to whatever photos I’m being offered.
My job is to put myself aside, that I might see them.
If I go out and there’s nothing to shoot, you can rest assured it’s my fault I can’t see anything.

Cattails III

Photography is a peculiar art.
You must be quite insistent on capturing the essence of the scene before you, exhaustively exploring all the various options the combination of equipment and surroundings presents to you.
You must also be quite brutal in getting out of your own way.
I can’t tell you how many photos I have that ‘missed’, because of a preponderance of ‘me’.


‘Me’ is the biggest enemy I have in my photography.
Not the light, or the conditions.
Not all the people who won’t get out of the way of what I’m trying to shoot.
Only me…
Photography can be very Zen, when practiced as an art…

Cattails II-2

But some days you do go out with a plan in mind; much as a hunter goes out in ‘season’.
The other day was sunny, with nice fluffy clouds.
So I went to my go-to sunset spot, looking for the dramatic shot, like the very first one in this post.
By the time I got there, is was as clear as if there had never been a cloud in the entire existence of this small world we call home.
Others were there, as well, and bemoaning the lack of drama.
I shot anyway.
And kept on shooting.
Some of them came out alright, I think.
All of these photos, with the exception of the first, came from this session.

Poised I

I went with one type of shot in mind.
I was given many other options.
Just not the one I’d anticipated.
How like life is my hobby sometimes shown to be.




  1. Photography summed up!
    My ‘mantra’, and strapline to my website, is a Lao Tzu quote; “If you want to take something, you must first allow it to be given”. Powerful words long before photography was ever dreamed up but, for me, it seems to fit it pretty well.


  2. Hopping over from Janet Reid’s blog (late).
    I love how simply moving your words and photographs are. Don’t ever stop hunting for the photo. Even when you don’t have a camera. Because I love the way you see things.
    JEN Garrett


  3. arcangioli says

    Hopping over from QOTKU’s blog.
    Your photos are beautiful, it looks like you easily get out of your way.


  4. Great pictures! I tend to snap a few here and there, all totally amateur. I love trying to capture sunrises/sunsets and the moon. Dropped by from JR’s blog.


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