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A season of contrasts…

I’m no science denier… 
I take no pride in the fact that those who would do so quote me for support of their views.

I repeat, I do not dispute science.
But neither will I poo-poo those of faith.
Who am I, to disparage the beliefs of others?
I say to you, I’m no one of importance.

You ask me then what do I believe?

I believe we’re destroying our environment in the name of the almighty dollar. We’re fouling our own nest, for the sake of some fat oligarch’s twelfth home, or twenty-third car.
I also believe the universe is as big as they say it is… on those days when they can get together and come to any sort of consensus on what they mean by the word ‘big’ – but I also believe they’re constantly fudging the data, in an attempt to appear consistent, or up to date, or cutting edge.
I also believe we’ve lost any pretense of humanity, when we allow corporations to monopolize the food growing process without fully understanding what their ‘technology’ does, to either the human body or the environment.

Those are some of the things I believe.
There are those who’ll disagree with these sentiments; and violently so.
And they’re so entitled, in a country where the rule of free speech is supposedly king.

But to those who would claim that I’m denying science… let me be as clear as I can.
I don’t want anyone to misinterpret what I’m trying to say.
The Priest will quote to you: “I am the way, the truth and the light.”
The scientist will say: “No, come this way, for that wave/particle is all that there is to light. And only I speak the truth, because I speak of facts.”

And what I’d beg you to notice – what I’d shout to the very heavens themselves – is that they’re all saying the same thing.
To lambaste the one side while lauding the other is to exhibit for all to see your preference for the one type of speech over the other.
To so completely discount those you disagree with while vehemently
 clinging to your own preferences, is to say you prefer your type of magic to theirs.

Which is all well and good.
I’d not sway you from your beliefs, or proselytize you for the ‘enemy’.
What I’d have you understand is what your stance means, in the course of the language that’s being so wildly misused.
Cling to your religion.
Worship your math.
Or try and find some amalgamation of the two.
For until you can do the science, or walk on water, it’s all the same thing.
Until you can do the work for yourself, you’re taking whatever you’re being told on faith.

One side would claim that faith is what it’s all about.
The other side would deny faith’s very existence.
And yet both sides insist that you believe in them… and only them.

Now do you see the dichotomy…?

EJ Liederstein



  1. Yes, I see. Whatever is believed, based on authority and not on one’s own experience of the facts, is an article of faith…faith in that authority, be it a church or a scientist.

    Beliefs require defense against any offense by non-believers, which is why beliefs cause conflict.


    • Well… yes… but to have no beliefs, in order to forestall conflict, would just be to invite anarchy, which would provoke… conflict…
      One begins to think that people cannot live without conflict, since they seem so hell-bent on creating it in the first place.
      And I understand that some feel they have to ‘avenge’ God, or to return offense for offense… but I’ve never understood that type of thinking. To think that God needs our approval, or our paltry attempts at revenge, rather begs the question of just who created whom. If I remember the passage correctly, God told Job that “… Mine are the cattle upon a thousand hills…” Which I take to mean as that I’m just about as important as those cattle, when it comes to telling God how to run his business.
      But that’s just a theory… I could be wrong…


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