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Another vision…

Until people are given something to replace their vision, the violence and the killing must continue. Selfishness is all they know, and all they’ve been taught. Until they’re shown how to see the beauty in those they would destroy, they’ll continue to only be able to see that which is ugly.

In general, one must be made aware of beauty’s existence. You must be shown examples, and believe you’ll find it for yourself, before you’ll go searching for it. But Beauty is not something to be impressed with anyone’s wealth, or nationality. Beauty couldn’t care less what religion you believe, and is blind to your political beliefs. It simply is…
Unless the people open their eyes and minds and hearts, we’re all lost.

There are those who are supremely uncomfortable with anything that is strange, or new. Different.
I’ve seen children brought up in the inner city terrified by the deep woods. And that terror must be overcome, before they can appreciate that which used to blanket the earth. It can be done.
You might educate them to the beauties of the environment they already know. Find that beauty, and show it to them, and then gradually bring them towards other descriptions; other forms of beauty which mirror those forms they already know, but can only be found elsewhere.

But the same applies to you who would teach them. Do not be limited by your own myopic definitions. For there is, indeed, beauty in the inner city. You must first find it for yourself, and learn to see it in all its glory, before you can hope to share it with others.

You cannot give what you do not possess.

Thus, the overwhelming prevalence of hate on this planet. That is what must be replaced with something more conducive to a sense that life is worth living. Hate must be overthrown, if we’re ever to ensure our basic survival. Otherwise… we won’t.

But whether it be a childlike sense of wonder or a vision of beauty, or even a gentle, all-encompassing spirit of peace; I must first resolve to have those things for myself. For the only truly meaningful gifts I can give are those for which I, myself, have already paid dearly.

EJ Liederstein


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