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The A to Z Challenge…

Apparently, there’s something called the A to Z Blogging challenge going on.
As I understand it, the idea is to post something every day during the month of April.
Day One should be about something that starts with the letter ‘A’.
Day Two should be about the letter ‘B’.
And so on, and so forth.

I’m just finding out about it, and don’t really have the interest to try and keep up with it.
And besides – it’s not like someone’s going to be checking up on you.
Or running to tell the teacher you didn’t finish your homework on time… and then smirking in front of the whole class while you get chewed out for not finishing some stupid diorama on “Our friend, the Worm”, because you were up all night tossing your cookies from yesterday’s cafeteria lunch, which included, but was not limited to, under-cooked pork chops, over-cooked Brussels Sprouts (in a rather gastronomically progressive extraction of sauerkraut, lemon juice and half-eaten pickle remains), instant powdered freeze-dried Tang™ brand mashed potatoes, with not enough water added to it by just that much, and a dented carton of too-warm chocolate milk.

But I’m not bitter.

A post a day, for the entire month.
Except Sundays.
I was tempted to surmise the inventors of this challenge had wanted to give everyone a break.
Or perhaps it was about family time, and reserving at least a portion of the week for them.
Or maybe it was about church… I even thought they might quote scripture for us…

“And lo, on the seventh day, did the Lord God Almighty look down upon his creation, and say unto humanity: ‘Dudes… give it a rest…’ And then he did clos-ed the lid upon the Holy Laptop, and did He then goeth outside, to geteth some air. And the Bless-ed Frisbee was toss-ed, and the sacred Vitamin D was absorb-ed, and all was right with the world… Amen.”

But I think the real reason for Sundays off was so you’d have 26 remaining days – one for each letter of the alphabet.
Yea, verily…
Thus the name of the challenge.

But not this cat.
Not me.
I don’t have the time for such nonsense.
Let’s see, today’s date is… April the second.



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