Day: April 6, 2015

Egad… what starts with an “E”?

I’m not really in the mood to post today. Which is fine… I suppose. I would imagine that people need a break from the nasally twang that is that overriding undertone of subtly overt harmonics of a windowless drone that is mine own voice. Or… something like that. My voice isn’t really nasally… or twangy… I’ve been told that it’s really rather soft, and the ‘most non-threatening voice’ one person had ever heard… You got a problem with that? But my college choir director would come back from the grave if I ever affected anything even remotely resembling an adenoidally-flavored southern accent, unless it were adopted purely out of spite… or perhaps because a certain musical performance absolutely demanded it. A performance such as, say… Oedipus Tex, by P.D.Q. Bach.