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Egad… what starts with an “E”?

I’m not really in the mood to post today.
Which is fine… I suppose.
I would imagine that people need a break from the nasally twang that is that overriding undertone of subtly overt harmonics of a windowless drone that is mine own voice.
Or… something like that.

My voice isn’t really nasally… or twangy… I’ve been told that it’s really rather soft, and the ‘most non-threatening voice’ one person had ever heard…

You got a problem with that?

But my college choir director would come back from the grave if I ever affected anything even remotely resembling an adenoidally-flavored southern accent, unless it were adopted purely out of spite… or perhaps because a certain musical performance absolutely demanded it.
A performance such as, say… Oedipus Tex, by P.D.Q. Bach.

Oedipus, by the way, starts with the “E” sound, but, alas, doesn’t start with the letter “E”.
And then I thought (he thought to himself), what other words could you (he(I)) come up with that have the initial “E” sound, but don’t start with the actual letter “E”?

Iphigenia… as in Iphigenia in Brooklyn.
Aeschylus… as in… um, Aeschylus.

Seems them Greek-type critters got a corner on the market of words that begin with an “E” sound, but don’t start with the letter “E”.
Entertain yourself with the following, whilst I think about this a bit.

And we’re back…
And if you weren’t rolling on the floor at around the 4:25 mark, you weren’t paying attention.

Let’s see.
How about elephant?
Nope, starts with an “E”.

Well then, what about epiphany? Eucalyptus, earth, estrogen, edamame, eureka, eczema, Eritrea, Estonia, England, Edwardian England, Edwardian end-tables, Edwardian Scissors-Hands, eschew (gesundheit), engulf, entertainment, elegantly, estuary and ear-wax?
Nope. They all start with an “E”.

Okay then.
This one is sure to pass muster.

It could start with an “E” sound…
In certain, other parts of the world…
In certain, other languages…

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

But I don’t wanna write about something that begins with an “E”.
I wanna listen to P.D.Q. Bach…
And so I shall.

And if you know what’s good for you – you will, too.

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