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H’s abound… but…

I thought I’d do a bit today about Edward Everett Horton.


No, not Horton Hears a Who… Edward Everett Horton…
You know – the voice of the Fractured Fairy Tales, those episodes that appeared on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show all those years ago.
If you’ve been paying even just a little bit of attention, you just gotta know how much I probably adore those cartoons…

I present the following for your edification…

I don’t know how many of the voices Mr. Horton did himself.
But to take so many of the cherished stories of childhood and absolutely destroy them (as an homage, no doubt), was quite the daring undertaking…

What I didn’t know was how many other things EEH did during the course of his career.
Movies – from the days of silent pictures all the way until his death in 1970.
Television – including I Love Lucy,  F-Troop, Batman and the Real McCoy’s.
There’s also mention of Vaudeville and Broadway, and radio, but these credits are sloughed off.

But the best tidbit of info is the following:
In a scene in Friz Freleng’s cartoon Hare Trigger, Yosemite Sam (in his debut) calls himself “the meanest, toughest, rip-roarin’-est, Edward Everett Horton-est hombre what ever packed a six-shooter!”

All of this info, and the above picture, are taken from Wikipedia.
This particular page seems to be rather better annotated than some.

Two days ago was also the centennial of Billie Holiday’s birth.
Certainly that would have been worthy of a post… and a great deal more, besides.
And her last name begins with the required “H”.

Alas, this post was already in the works.
We must see if we can’t do something a bit more in keeping with her stature as an artist at a future date. I wouldn’t want to do her an injustice, simply because of the vagaries of the alphabet.

And I’ve always wondered… which Who, exactly, did Horton hear?

Enquiring minds want to know…


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