An Appreciation
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The Girl from Ipanema…

What a great tune.
Gilberto, Gilberto and Getz…
The three “G’s” from… well, wherever it is they’re from…
They could have made an appearance in this blog two days ago.

But Getz died in ’91…
And apparently he and Astrud didn’t get along all that famously.
And then my blog post would have probably come to blows – metaphysically speaking.
And mine is but a poor blog, and I haven’t yet hit the big time, where I can afford to just go out and get something like a cross between a Phil Donahue, a Jerry Springer and a Father Merrin, as played by Max von Sydow in “The Exorcist”.

“What an excellent day for a bossa nova…”

But I digress…

The tune was written by the incomparable Antônio Carlos Jobim.

The whole bossa nova thing was played to death here in the states, and seriously overdone in the movies from that era – and still not given its due, as a totally unique style yet to be equaled.

That’s just a theory, though…
I could be wrong…

“The power of Jobim compels you…”
“The power of Jobim compels you…”

Image found here.


    • There are worse people you could be mistaken for and/or associated with!
      Or not… I don’t really know anything about Tony Carlo’s personality.
      He could be a real load to have around, for all I know.
      Especially since he passed on in ’94…


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