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“Every single thing I’ve ever said is, ultimately, only my opinion – a comment upon what it is I perceive to be the reality around me at any given moment.

“I might say that it’s very bright out today; and everyone would know what I meant by that statement. Assuming that I’ve spoken truthfully, it’s doubtful anyone would even disagree with me. At that point, my opinion might be widely considered to have traversed over into the realm of ‘fact’.

“But can you imagine a quality of light so intense, a mode of illumination so pure, that the brightest light you can think of would be as the darkest night in some other realm?

“Can you see it in your mind’s eye – another mode of existence, in which the heart of our sun might leave that existence blind, from a lack of light? Imagine such a concept of darkness, which would limit our perception to the reading of a body’s internal chemistry, or the enumeration of atoms… or the making visible of that about which we now can only speculate.

“What would such an intensity of sight mean to the artists? What dimensions of being could they show us, if only we had the visual perception to match their vision?

“Thus does my initial ‘fact’ veer back once more into the province of opinion… and the idea occurs that on a grand, cosmic scale, fact and opinion might very well be of an equally dubious relativity.”

EJ Liederstein


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