An Appreciation
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Since you asked…

A beautiful rendering of an absolutely wonderful song, originally written and recorded by Judy Collins.
This version is by Dan Fogelberg.

The lyrics are as follows:

What I’ll give you since you asked
Is all my time together
Take the rugged sunny days
The warm and rocky weather
Take the roads that I have walked along
Looking for tomorrow’s time
Peace of mind–

As your life spills into mine
Changing with the seasons
Filling up the world with time
Changing time to reasons
I can show you all the songs
That I never sang to someone before

We have seen a million stars
Lying by the water
You have climbed the hills with me
To the mountain shelter
Taking off the days one by one
Setting them to breathe in the sun

Take the lilies and the lace
From the days of childhood
All the willow winding paths
Leading up and outward
This is what I give
This is what I ask you for
Nothing more

I always told myself I would marry the woman who understood this song.
The woman who ‘got’ it…
But Judy’s already spoken for.
And no one else has stepped up.
Perhaps I should be taking some sort of hint, here.

That’s it.
I am so over the whole confessional writing/song/photography… thingy…
Y’all might as well just go on home, now.

Judy done messed it up for everybody!

Image found here.

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