An Appreciation
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Useless web…

Oh, are you about to waste some serious time right now.
I can spend hours here, clicking and re-clicking.

Go to this site

There are some rather disorienting things that may pop up from time to time.
Flashings and wavings, loud noises and the like.
Bad songs, sung badly… you get the idea…
And for all of the time I’ve wasted, I don’t think for a moment that I’ve seen every useless site on the web… no matter how much the author may have tried to catalogue them all.

You have to play with the websites.
Sometimes the joke is in the url itself.
Sometimes there is no joke.
But it’s all a great big ol’ waste of time…


A few of the better ones are:
… and…

… but perhaps my favorites are…

Image found… well… here.


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