An Appreciation
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Heitor Villa-Lobos was a Brazilian composer, and has been called the most significant Latin American composer of the 20th century…
I’m not quite sure who has called him that.
Just as I’m quite sure there are probably other Latin American composers who might take exception to that statement.

Oh, there it is…
I see it now…
Some guy named Simon Wright called Villa-Lobos that.

I wonder if Wright was right…
Or was he, perhaps, left, when Wright said that?
Inquiring minds wanna know…

The incomparable Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5.
Sung by the almost equally incomparable Kiri Te Kanawa…

My skin is getting all goose-bumpily, just thinking about it…

I’ve never wanted to play cello so badly in my life, as when I first heard this piece.
And I’ve never heard a voice quite like Ms. Te Kanawa’s…
Better voices?
But voices as distinctive – as mesmerizing?

Of course, that there sentiment is what’s known in the rarefied world of musical compositions for eight cellos and one singer as… ‘a theory’.
I could be wrong about that.

The lyrics are as follows:

Tarde uma nuvem rsea lenta e transparente.
Sobre o espao, sonhadora e bela!
Surge no infinito a lua docemente,
Enfeitando a tarde, qual meiga donzela
Que se apresta e a linda sonhadoramente,
Em anseios d’alma para ficar bela
Grita ao cu e a terra toda a Natureza!
Cala a passarada aos seus tristes queixumes
E reflete o mar toda a Sua riqueza…
Suave a luz da lua desperta agora
A cruel saudade que ri e chora!
Tarde uma nuvem rsea lenta e transparente
Sobre o espao, sonhadora e bela!

Written by Ruth Valadares Correa

(English translation)
Evening, a rosy, slow and transparent cloud
Over the space dreamy and beautiful
The Moon sweetly appears in the horizon,
Decorating the afternoon like a nice damsel
Who rushes and dreamy adorns herself
With an anxious soul to become beautiful
Shout all Nature to the Sky and to the Earth!
All birds become silent to the Moon’s complains
And the Sea reflects its great splendor.
Softly, the shining Moon just awakes
The cruel missing that laughs and cries.
Evening, a rosy, slow and transparent cloud
Over the space dreamy and beautiful…

Lyrics found here.
Image found here.



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