… but not really feeling it.
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What begins with “W”? Yes…

What could I possibly write about for the letter “W”?

There’s Wittgenstein.
As in the philosopher… but his birthday was yesterday.
Once again that A to Z thingy has been whittled down, from relevancy to mere copy-book work; an excruciating exercise in a series of near misses.

Well, how about Walla Walla, Washington?

Washington, D.C.?
It’s been done out the wazoo.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!
Let’s not get all ‘where in the world is…?’ on this here blog.

Well, then, let’s bring up the tempo a bit.
Make it a bit more physical, if you will.
Water (Marco) Polo?

Whoa, Nellie!
That’s whack-a-doodle talk, there…

Wasps (the flying, stinging kind)?
Wasps (the play by Aristophanes)?
WASPS (the flying, stinging, suing, protesting, preppy, ivy, old boy clubbing, litigating, snarky, snobby, fashionable(?!?), utterly ridiculous kind)?

Water? Whales?

a “W” turned upside down is just an “M”.
“M” was so easy to do.
Should I write about Wusic?

There really are no Greek myths that start with a “W”.
There’s the War of the Titans, but that’s an event, not a person.
There’s that big wooden horse – but it’s more commonly known by another name.
Maybe I’ll create my own Greek myth that begins with a “W”.
And a “Y”, while I”m at it.
Why not?

www.meaning-of-names.com doesn’t have one single Greek name that begins with “W” – God-like or not.
What an interesting and totally unexpected little factoid.

Thus (thuthly) I hereby give birth to, and duly (and wetly) christen, the Greek god who shall be evermore known as ‘WooHóo’.
To pronounce it correctly, you must say it with as deeply resonant a voice as you can.
With the inflection rising upwards towards the ‘Hóo’… not the ‘Woo’…

WooHóo is inordinately fond of the drink Yoo-Hoo.
He lives on Mount Olympus in a temple which is blue, too.
His token animal is the western Aussie kangaroo.
His favorite instrument was to have been the kazoo, but it hadn’t been invented yet.
He’s a rather humble God, so far (which probably won’t last) – you know; Gods being Gods, and all…
Because he’s been assigned to a job as the God of the loo… whew!

So many cynical parallels which could be drawn… so little time, or inclination…

Where is this post going? you might legitimately inquire…
I’m just trying to get a “W” into every sentence.
Thereby fulfilling a rather fancifully internalized version, of the one requirement of that war of attrition known as the afore-mentioned  ‘A to Z Challenge’.

Whatta revoltin’ development…
What a miserable excuse for taking up even 1 measly k of web turf…
All because of some arbitrarily assigned tyranny, foisted upon the net’s writers.

… whatever…

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