… but not really feeling it.
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Z end…

The A to Z Challenge is over.

It’s time has come.

It is now necessary for the recovery of your mental health to let it go.

To that end, please visit this site.

Although that might not be to everyone’s taste.
If you find yourself feeling a bit down from the lack of pressure, at having to write about something (… anything, really) each and every frickin’ day of you life…
Perhaps a repeat of this site, from a mere week ago, will lift your spirits.

And I’m spent.
It’s been a bit grueling, what with the work schedule, and everything else, to try and keep to this schedule.
I can understand the thinking behind the challenge. But I find myself, after having become aware of it and accepting it almost in the same moment, coming to the conclusion that this challenge is, at best, a somewhat ridiculous exercise.

If you wish to write, then do so.
Don’t let anyone impose a structure or deadline upon you that you’re not willing, or ready, to accept.
Along that path lies madness… or perhaps slavery, or maybe even zebras…
I don’t really know.
But certainly not nearly enough zzz’s.

Because I’m spent.

It’s possible you might not hear from me for a while.
Or not.
Again, I don’t really know.

Zat ees all.


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