An Appreciation
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May the fourth be with you…

I love how I come to learn things from the internet.
Things I’m not researching, or even looking for.

I get some comics in my email every day of the week.
I know, I know…
You’re shocked.


With the demise of comics in the daily papers, for the most part, and since I no longer read the physical versions, I subscribe to the digital editions.
Which includes a subscription to

And when two or more authors have a strikingly similar theme on the same day, I usually suspect something is going on… something I was previously unaware of.
Like Star Wars Day.

Who knew?
Well, I suppose someone knew.
Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a day on which to go warring about the stars, now, would there?!?

The geek in me rejoices.
The stern, social critic who thinks there hasn’t been a decent movie made since Errol Flynn hung up his tights just shakes his head sadly.

Mostly, I just laugh at the cartoons.

Like this one:


All of the above comics were found at the aforementioned

This one, however, was found here.

Space Ghostbusters

May the fourth be with you.
And tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo… also known as the fifth.

I’m beginning to think the whole week is a plot by local distributors to get everyone snockered…
Either that, or a deranged math teacher is trying to ram fractions down everyone’s throats, by couching them in terms of popular nerdist culture.

Seriously, you don’t see this level of pocket-protector-itess during June, do you?
Towel Day, in honor of Douglas Adams?… May 25th.
Space Day? Mother Goose Day?
Lumpy Rug Day?
All of ’em in May.
And that’s just in the first week.

Lost Sock Memorial Day is on the ninth.
Okay, I’ll give you that one…
But it comes right after the 8th – which is No Socks Day…
Look me in the eye, and tell me there’s not a conspiracy going on!?!

What other month has this level of made-up ‘holidays’?

I think I’ll make up my own ‘holiday’.
I’ll call it Crotchety Old Fart Day.

What day will I celebrate this wonderful new, um… celebration?
Each and every day of the year.
Every day will be Crotchety Old Fart Day.

And none of you are invited…
But presents are still mandatory, and sourly accepted.
(See what I did, there?)

This could catch on.
It could become a bonafide holiday, just like National Mustard Day (1st Saturday in August)
Or Virus Appreciation Day (October 3rd).
Let’s spread that joy around, people…

How about Be Nasty Day? (March 8th) – another year-round celebration for some folk.
All of these, and oh, so many more, can be found here.
All of them except for COF Day.

That one’s all mine.



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