An Appreciation
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Happy Birthday…

It’s another banner birthday, um… day.

First up we have Johannes Brahms.
Were you to force me to actually choose one, and only one favorite composer (oh, cruel, cruel fate), I think Brahms would have to be my pick.
The Requiem, the symphonies, the violin and double concertos, the piano trios…
But I’d like to acquaint you with two of his lesser known works, which are simply breathtaking in their compositional architecture.
The incomparable string sextets…

Also on todays docket, we have the birthday of Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky.
He was rumored to have said:
“I sit down to work each morning at 9 a.m., and the muse has learnt to be on time.”

That’s convenient!


A recording of his Violin Concerto, with David Oistrach, is one of the more important ongoing moments in my musical life. If you’ll paste the following:
/watch?v=IFdP5AFIAVU&spfreload=10 into the address line on the homepage of youtube, it’ll take you to the file I’m referring to.
As it always seems to me these days, all these examples are older recordings.
So listen to the music, and not the quality of the reproduction.
I’d link to it directly, but this post is getting crowded enough, as it is…

Instead, I’ll stick with the example of chamber music and present you with the following:

It’s also the birthday of some guy, who wrote a ditty or two, by the name of Robert Browning.
He said:
“Perhaps one has to be very old before one learns to be amused rather than shocked.”
“Ignorance is not innocence but sin.”

Tough choices abound, all around, today…

First image found here.
Second image found here.



  1. Your posting just came in and I’m planning to save listening time this evening to fully enjoy. I would likely choose Brahms, too. One of the finest experiences of my college days was to sing the German requiem (in English) with SATB chorus and orchestra. It is my help and my salvation when mourning times—as they inevitably do—come.


    • Sadly, I never got to perform the Requiem. But I did get to do the string sextet in G, the Double Concerto, the Violin Concerto, all 4 symphonies, both orchestral serenades (exquisite – especially the 3rd movement of #1), string and piano quartets, both Piano Concertos, and my own college singing experience with the Liebeslieder Waltzes.
      Did I leave anything out…?

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