An Appreciation, Wind
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Something in the air…

It’s been kinda breezy around here, lately…
Which makes pictures like the one below rather challenging.

Those amber waves of grain were desperately trying to get the attention of someone in the cheap seats… if you get my drift…

There had been a day of large, puffy clouds; so I went to my ‘go-to’ place for dramatic sunsets.
We haven’t exactly been flush with dramatic sunsets around here lately.
More like the calm, ineffective, unimpressive, un-theatrical, normal, boring, ordinary, plain ol’ b-flat, unexciting, unmoving, usual and bland kind of sunsets…

But on this day the prospects were looking good.
So, taking but a paltry 2.5 hours to travel a rather whopping 3.14159 geographical miles (traffic was being rather dramatic itself; which I chose to take as a harbinger, of more drama to come), I raced up the highway like a turtle on Ambien… in February…

Having finally arrived and set up my rather airy shop, I proceeded to steel myself for the emotional imaging that was surely about to commence – post haste.

Did I mention that it was something of a blustery day?
In much the same way that Winnie the Pooh is something of a honey hound?

I was hoping for something like this one:


Or maybe something like this one:

New Haven Sunset

… both of which were created at my ‘go-to’ place for dramatic sunsets…

But no!
Dramatically speaking, it was quite a profoundly, gustatorially-enhanced type of day.
Had I mentioned that part yet?
My hat and sunglasses were being, literally, blown off my head.
The hood on my wind breaker wasn’t quite up to the challenge, and was instead furiously trying to break open my head, with repeated lashings about the area of my severely wind-blown (but sadly long absent) hair.
Sweet nothings became quite the something’s, and were being rudely jammed into the auditory channels of what was left of my suddenly clean-as-a-whistle ear canals.

What I got was something like the following:


Or perhaps you might prefer the following:


Where are the clouds?
Where’s the reflectey-type floatey thingies?
Where’s the drama…?

There was something in the air, alright.
But it wasn’t clouds!

Who knew life could be such a blowhard?


  1. A real spiffy riff, I must say. Now go have a lie-down, and put a cool beer-soaked cloth on one of your feet. I hear it’s a cure for anything and everything. Maybe it won’t be so windy tomorrow….

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  2. Now I get it….you didn’t drive all that way to see the sunset; you drove all that way to make a picture of the sunset as you thought it ought to be…..Well gimme a pigfoot and a bottle of beer!


    • HAH!!!
      What kind of beer goes with a pigfoot, I wonder?
      A Porcine Porter?
      A Snout Stout?

      Wait, I know…
      A Pigskin Pale Ale…
      I leave it up to you whether or not you prefer your ale deflated…

      I wonder… does Bigfoot have a pigfoot?
      And if he’s late for the office, on any given Monday, does Bigfoot hotfoot-it?
      It seems a bit cruel, to forever be going on and on about the size of one of his feet.
      I mean, after all… his name is Big FOOT; not Big Feet

      Bigfoot can’t help it if he was born asymmetrical!!!
      Besides, given how large he is, the larger foot is probably the normal one.
      We should be calling him Littlefoot, instead.

      I think I’ll start a kickstarter campaign…
      Stop the cruelty, I’ll say.
      Give that paragon of natural footwear a break, I’ll insist.
      I’ll get the ASPCA in on the campaign.
      And the Humane Society.
      And even SETTJ – the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Toe Jam.

      But only if His Footiness agrees not to kick anybody with that more normally proportioned extremity.

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    • Nope…
      A sunset is about the set that a sun does…
      Think Bette, or Bobby Short at the Cafe Carlyle!
      And when the sun doesn’t bring its’ A-game, it just leaves everyone wondering what all the fuss is about.
      The best performers always inject a bit of drama into their set.

      … and don’t give me any of that humongous ball of nuclear fire a mere 93,000,000 miles away guff.
      At the rate traffic moves around here, that might as well be on the other side of the known universe!!!
      No amount of Ambien will suffice for THAT trip.


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