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Words are such fascinating things…
Sometimes too fascinating.

I was watching a number from this years’ Tony awards, from the production known as “Something Rotten”, which you can find below.
Try not to let the witty, insider-laced (and totally unrehearsed) banter by the shows’ two hosts throw off your stride, until the number actually starts.
As far as I’m concerned, it’s the paucity of quality writing/acting that keeps these shows from gathering a wider audience than they do. If they’d just let someone with a modicum of improv skills host these things, I think they’d get a much higher quality end product.

But I digress… 

That really is rather the almost sly bit of not quite brilliance.
But what got me to thinking was the emphasis on the word ‘musical’.
Why single out of a word, when it’s opposite condition for existence isn’t also singled out?
Why do we have musicals, but not wordicals, or dramacals?
Why don’t we call the Hollywood adaptations of plays or books ‘filmicals’?

It really does throw me for a loop, sometimes, as I’ll get so caught up in the absurdity of language that I’m not fit for anything else, until this fit of homonym-cide, um…  subsides.

And then there’s this, from

musical definition
A play or film that contains musical numbers. Musicals can be comedic (see musical comedy) or serious in tone, such as Porgy and Bess.
The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Apparently the American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (3rd edition) didn’t get the memo from the Gershwin boys… Porgy and Bess is an opera, written in 1935.
Even Google knows that much; as a quick and dirty search for said work reveals the first four hits to be for the opera, before it skews over into the Broadway mounting of the opera as a musical, back in 2012. And as the above source citing is from a book published in 2005… well, who knew they could see into the future like that?

Of course, the opera did premier on a broadway stage… but it’s an opera dad burn it dad blast it dad gum it dad nab it.
You’d think the AHNDoCL (colloquially known as the… um… Ah-HéND-oCLe) would get this kind of thing right…

But that’s not important right now…
The real reason this post is so wildly unfocused (I think… actually, I’m not at all sure this is the reason… or am I?!?), is that in my thinking some improv skills would help the awards shows, I went to the Tube of You, looking for someone to give the Tony’s some pizazz… a comedian; perhaps a great improvisor as well…
And got sucked down into the vortex that is the old Dean Martin roasts.

Don Rickles really was a very funny man.
And Foster Brooks and Charlie Callas.
And all the greats from generations past.
Rich Little trying to teach Jimmy Stewart how to do Jimmy Stewart is priceless!
Maybe not very PC, by todays standards.
Actually, rather scandalous, and not at all excusable, by today’s standards.
But funny, nonetheless.

It seems that my writing does, indeed, reflect the state of my mind.
The day’s been a great big ol’ unfocused mess.
And so is this post.

One more thing to have to try to rein in.
To take into consideration.

Will this madness never end?


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